Spread the Word is a summer internship designed to equip men for, expose men to, and engage men in urban evangelism and church planting.

Equipping Men for Church Planting and Evangelism

STW equips interns for church planting and evangelism through dozens of sessions with local pastors, seminary professors, and other local church leaders covering topics such as evangelism, apologetics, church planting, personal growth, preaching/teaching, and more! Interns are also involved in mentoring relationships that provide opportunities for informal Q&A as well as regular feedback.

Exposing Men to Ministry Opportunities in and around Detroit

The city of Detroit is a multi-cultural center with several major ethnic groups that need the Gospel. In particular, STW partners with churches that minister in largely African-American areas, majority Muslim areas, Mexicantown in SW Detroit, and on campus at Wayne State University. These diverse ministry experiences provide a wealth of experience in only 10 weeks that have helped many interns take steps in discerning God’s will for their life and ministry after college!

Engaging Men in Evangelism and Church Planting

STW is an immersive experience in evangelism and church planting. Interns regularly share the Gospel with people from wide-ranging contexts in one-on-one, small group, and large group settings in partnership with local churches in and around Detroit. Additionally, each intern participates in the “Church Plant Project” under the direct mentorship of an experienced church planter to gather information about an area and build a plan for a hypothetical church plant.